Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Middle Kid's saga Continues: Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules Movie Trailer Official (HD)

It would have been all too easy to dismiss this tidy little sequel to the 2010 hit about the classic "middle kid" syndrome. Zachary Gordon plays Greg, a tween beset on both sides- his toddler brother manages to make him get the blame for his pre-school peccadillos, while his teen brother just plain picks on him,b ut then what would one expect from a tousled haired, board-thin boy who's building a rock band dubbed "Loded Diper".

But, in checking one's expectations at the door yields a few notable, if transitory pleasures. he interplay between the brothers, which peaks during a late-evening run to a local shopping mall, is unforced and engaging, as are the exchanges between Greg and his friends. Less effective is the budding romance between himself and the "new girl" and Steve Zahn is pretty much wasted as the Dad.

In essence, Diary of  Wimpy Kid 2 is an extended sitcom with multiple plot lines of varying length and heft. Unlike most others in this genre, it very rarely feels stretched or artificial. Greg's pre-teen angst and his desire for a "normal" and "cool" life are palpable and relatable.

So even if you won't get "masterpiece cinema" at least with this movie, you won't feel like you got taken for a ride.

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