Friday, April 15, 2011

This Blade is Terminally Dull: Scream 4 - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

Strap oyurselves in folks, this one's gonna be brutal and short (almost like the movie, which tires, at any rate, to be brutal).

Nauseatingly derivative and self-referntial, this latest instalment in the "Scream" franchise arrives with its smugness in full effect, bolstered by the success of its predecessors and the hany lore of other horror film properties, from which it liberally borrows and knowingly quotes from in order to boost its misguided sense of  faux irony and hipness.

Scream works overtime to present its remorseless lsasher and the bumbling "always-one-step-behind" town sheriff (the hapless David Arquette) as some kind of collective punchline, saying "Hey! the joke's on you!") but it only succeeds in getting egg on its own face.

The only real point of relief is the tabloid connection of Arquette and estranged wife Courtney Cox being thrown together - and with Cox's character fighting off the sheriff's deputy for her husband's attention.

Otherwise, this latest "Scream" is merely the look and sound of a franchise that has been overtaken. The "Saw" films have "out-slashed & gored" Scream while "Paranormal Activity and others have staked out the psycho-horror high ground.

Scream then, is a film that nobody really needs to hear - or see.

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