Friday, May 13, 2011

Hell On Earth: Priest Movie Trailer 3 Official (HD)

Dark, putrid and malevolent, this latest apocalyptic outing by star Paul Bettany (2009's "Legion" was loony, and not in  good way ) has an oddly likeable edge.

First of all although its in 3-D(I needlessly restate my distaste for the medium), it neatly combines graphic novel animation (it is of course, based on a graphic novel) with the live action, and even the obligatory voice-over narration doesn't feel over-used or obtrusive.

The plot? 'fuggedaboudit' -  Bettany is a veteran of prior conflicts between humans and vampires, conflicts which the stereotypical ruling church steadfastly believes are a thing of the past -even as vampires, led by the snarling Karl Urban, abduct the priest's niece.

This presents the priest with a dilemma: stick to his vows and the overbearing views of the Church, or go after his niece: clearly, for the film to continue and fill the remainder of its two-hour tenure, it has to be Door #2. Accompanying him on that deal is the ubiquitous Cam Gigandet ("Easy A" "Burlesque") as a kind of post-Apocalyptic sheriff's deputy, spitting out all the conventional one-liners.

Scott Stewart, who also helmed Legion, gets the visual tone right this time and gets good performances form his two leads as well as form Christopher Plummer as the self-righteous leader of the Church. The fight scenes are kinetic enough without seeming remote-controlled and while the atmosphere is unremittingly bleak, Stewart's combo of post-Apocalyptic ghettos and wind-driven outlands have a natural feel, well as natural as one can expect a graphic novel adaptation to feel.

Surely no one is under any illusions that Priest will make some kind of lasting impression cinematically or naaratively , but as a kind of "two-popcorn-bucket" bundle of dark escapism, it more then does the trick.

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