Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother Knows Less: Jumping the Broom Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Maybe TD Jakes is right. Maybe all people - or at least all Black people - fall into one of several easily distinguishable categories: the player, the hoochie, the stand-up guy(who's also a bit of a mama's boy), the somewhat spoiled but sweet princess, the bitter and possessive mother.

These types, and others, all make their way across this latest sermon-in-a-movie, with the message entitled "Even A Soulmate Can Really Test You"  this uttered by the Bishop himself who cameos as the marriage officer.

Sabrina (Paula Patton) and Jason (Laz Alonso) had a chance meeting and instantly fell in love. Six months later, it’s wedding time. The site is at Sabrina’s parents’ estate in Martha’s Vineyard - complete with its own lake. Both her mother (Angela Bassett) and his mother (Loretta Devine) are questioning the couple’s haste to get hitched.  

The movie basically has three saving graces - well, maybe three and a half. Mike Epps, even when trying to "broaden his range" by playing the wise but wisecracking uncle of the groom, inevitably falls back on his classic playa stance - which is way more fun to watch. Of course, casting Epps, with his resume including profanity-laced, R-rated fare like All About The Benjamins and Next Day Air shows a certain pragmatism on the bishop's part. 

As the Caucasian wedding planner Amy, Julie Bowen does hapless fascination better than most and Valarie Pettiford brings a certain immediacy, bred of the theatre stage, to her role as Aunt Geneva, the black sheep of the bride's well-to-do family. The half treat? Paula Patton. She's an absolute dish to watch (I hate you so much right now, Robin Thicke!!), but the role offers next to nothing, and she simply can't - or wasn't allowed  - to improvise to salvage something out of it. 

Not to put down the good Bishop by any means, but Jumping the Broom then, is a demo (as in demographic) -driven exercise; its the "black pride, wedding time, family drama romantic comedy" kind of experience that's meant strictly for TD Jakes loyalists and cinematic skimmers. 

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