Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Audience Gets Screwed: Friends With Benefits

The writer- producer. Team behind this turkey inisits they hadn't seen "No Strings Attached" the Ashton Kutcher- Natalie Portman vehicle that preceded "Friends With Benefits" tonthe big screen. That's all well and good for them (I had to sit through it), but it really doesn't matter; this one fails all o it's own merit - or lack thereof.

With that said, it's hard to dislike the two leads - Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis,who truly give it their all. He plays a newly hired art director, at GQ magazine no less, while she plays his gal pal and navigator through the tortuorous office politics (which includes Woody Harrelson flailing awY in the role of gay sportswriter).

Over beers, at her place, the "proposition" emerges: "let's have sex as if we were playing tennis" he says. "No commitment, no spoiling of the friendship - everything stays the same, we just have sex and then continue on as if nothing has changed."

Which, the producers posit, is impossible. Okay fine, we get it. Is that really enough to fill almoustvtwo hours of screen time? The answer is obvious, and so we are subjected to Justin and Mila in bed, on the floor, Justin on the toilet while Mila waits on the floor, and Justin, the commitment-phone Justintaking Mila to meet His mom (Jenna Elfman) and...well younger the idea.

The premise of this limp, tedious romantic comedy was supposedly to avoid the conventional cliches of the genre. Well, simply they failed, but Justin and mil a can no doubt just go sailing on as if this one never happened

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