Sunday, August 28, 2011

The "Hangover"Cure: Crazy, Stupid Love

Given the "reign of raunch" that has mostly characterized the summer comedy landscape, the arrival of a film likecCrazy Stupid Love is cause for some celebration. Not that the "Hangovers" and "Bridesmaids" don't have their respective place, and not that this movie doesn't occasionally "go there." on balance, Crazy Stupid Love is a genre comedy that acts as if the term itself doesn't exist; it just goes about it's business in a lovable and sometimes cheeky manner.

Steve Carell has this type down pat by now - Mr. Ordinary forced by sudden adversity into a journey of self-discovery and a revelation as to the extent of his "extraordinariness." His wife (Julianne Moore) upends their 25-year marriage with a table side demand for a divorce at a Tony restaurant.

Soon, our guy is back into the dating miasma, being guided expertly(?) by his good friend, the resident player (Ryan Gosling), who himself has his hands full emotionally with a budding romance with the local ice queen (Emma Stone). In addition, Carell has to contend with the fact that his relationship with his children has been less than exemplary.

It all makes for a nice little extended sitcom, but untruth ten pacing and performances (Moore, Gosling and Stone especially) give the movie that extra bit of buff and polish to take it above the mundane.

It won't changeyourlife, or your views on love, but it won't leave you with a headache or a case of profanity overload either.

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