Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Canto Immigrante: Paraiso Travel (Colombia)

With your indulgence, I'll present my review of Colombia's entry in this year's Latin Film Fest, as an open verse poem. Here goes:

Young nubile Queen
of hearts
lures her pure-of heart
lover with her
Love Triangle
her twin spheres
to move across a continent
across rain forest and desert
crossing rivers like wildebeest
with vicious crocs hyeneas and lions in wait
to finally hit the promised Land
only to find the manna was stale
and their robes worn
and in the depths of despair
to separated in the thick of  the urban jungle
new family
new friends
new lovers
dodging officials at every step
and him seeing her face in every billboard
but the trail finally goes
where fumbling through trailer trash
he finds his long lost lover
but also that the love has been long lost
Most of all
he finds himself
but fit for living
and ready for the future
for its not merely an immigrant's song
Its a love song

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