Sunday, June 16, 2013

Still Crazy...In A Classic Way: The Lunatic Returns at EcoFest

It's hard to believe that the film adaptation of Anthony Winkler's compassionate, comedic, sardonic classic has lasted all of 22 years. In case you've been living in a cave (or in the Jamaican bush), The Lunatic tells the story of a village madman, Aloysious, who has the amazing ability to talk to anything, including trees, cows
and cricket balls. Aloysious meets Inga, a German nymphomaniac, who uses her 'pum pum power' to capture his heart. 

That's the summary, but the beguiling power of The Lunatic has to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated. Hardly a Jamaican film before it had so successfully combined the knowingness and innocence of the Jmaaican "countryman" as well as a keen aye and ear for the hang-ups, foibles and generally hierarchical nature of Jamaican society

Now Aloysious is set to gently and sensually run amok once again as the film will culminate this year's Earthbound EcoMusic Fest, which takes place Saturday June 22 at the legendary Gunboat Beach, which hugs the Palisados Highway taking persons to and from Kingston's International Airport.

The event, which is aimed at the young, the young at heart, the enviro-conscious and the culturally-minded, will run from 10am-8pm and will feature water park,  domino games, storytelling, environmental education, great Jamaican food and excellent live entertainment from the likes of Patra, Nickeisha Barnes, Hezron and OC, among others.

Winkler's wit is better, but we'll put it this way: you'd be crazy to miss it.

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