Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hai-Yaaaadie!!!! Twin of Twins Kick it up with Ching Pow

Having leaped back into the public consciousness with "Up With the Money" their long-form video commentary on today's divisive Jamaica, dancehall duo and agitators, Twin of Twins have gone one better.

The Gaynor Twins have teamed with Jamaican  filmmaker Bruce Hart to deliver "Ching Pow: Far East Yardies."

As the name suggests, is a comedy, which utilizes remixed Kung-Fu film with audio provided by popular Jamaican comedy team Twin of Twins. Cult Kung Fu film, Ninja Death parts One, Two and Three, which recently entered the public domain and is therefore available for public use, has been edited to create one film.

If "Up With the Money nad the Twins' recorded oeuvre is anything to go by, then Ching Pow, should be well worth the time invested, and scores of audience members have voiced that very sentiment.

I'll be adding my own voice of comment after this weekend, when I actually see the production, but I encourage you to not just tak my word for it - go get your Chinses robe and let fly with 'Ching Pow"

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