Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Profiles in Music: Di Govanah

Desmond Ray Williams began his career as Di Govanah at age 15 when he stamped his class as a talented  lyricist by decimating his teacher in a DJ showdown on a concert at his school, Maldon High, St James. With his star potential now exposed, Di Govanah's fan base quickly started to grow and by age 17 he had already recorded two albums: "Combination" and "Musically Equipped".

From those relatively humble beginnings, Williams matured rapidly in the business, and has racked up an enviable list of performance credits, including Reggae Sumfest and Reggae Fever. On the recording front, his output includes such tracks as "Time Like This", "Jah Say Don't" and "Inna Trouble."

Having been thus seasoned, the artiste believes he is close to the top of his game creatively, and anticipates a busy period over the coming months , during which time he will appear on several local shows whilst he prepares for a European trip come this summer. To accompany him on that tour of the continent is Swiss band Gully Echo, with producer Aron Franchetti. 

Ahead of that though, Govanah remains very active in the studios and is set to release a new EP, entitled "(Jam) Session". Already his fans are eagerly anticipating his arrival and commonly regard him as the "Young Peter Tosh". Accompanying him on this tour is 

Assessing his career to date, and reflecting on the struggles he quietly and humbly endured, the artiste is filled with pride, optimism and a sense of mission. "This marks a very exhilarating time for me musically as I strive to achieve the heights. My goal is to be a  voice for Jah people bringing a positive message while maintaining my musical relevance". 

Fully confident in the abundance of his talent and blessed with talent and with an infectious personality to match, Di Govanah is now set to unleash his arsenal of conscious reggae/Dancehall music to the world and is tipped to become one of Jamaica's leading break-out artistes of 2015.

Look out for Di Govanah, he is definately one to watch.

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