Monday, March 23, 2015

Autos: Hybrid vs Diesel

North American buyers see diesel vehicles the way they do hybrids – an unusual and contrived way to save fuel which has advantages and disadvantages. However, modern diesels are so good, that hybrids look ridiculous in being as complicated (and heavy) as they are.

In this comparative test, the Lexus NX300h  is pitted against the BMW X3 28d. Two very different entries into the crossover world, but both promise luxury and a focus on economy.

The Canadians over at AutoGuide tried them out side by side in the quest to discover which is best. It’s obviously a matter of powertrain preference and also the ability to like Lexus’ new styling language or try not to fall asleep when looking at the BMW.

It’s actually harder than you think to pick a winner…

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