Monday, March 16, 2015

Sports: Suddenly, BPL is more than a two-horse race

It's March.
The Champions League ranks are thinning out, and in the BPL, as well as other Euro leagues, the late-season shuffle is well and truly on

Chelsea look home and dry at this point in the season, especially with 2 games in hand, thanks in part to their League Cup success

but are they really safe? Dropping two points in a draw with Southampton would have been fatal had not nearest rivals Manchester City not succumbed to their own malaise, losing to bottom-three strugglers Burnley.

Arsenal meanwhile are humming along, dispatching West Ham convincingly on Saturday as they look to scale a mountain in Monaco to advance to the Champions League quarters. Domestically, they next face Newcastle, a team over which they have a convincing advantage at home, but away, are actually in deficit - 22 wins against 40, with 20 draws. With Manchester United disposing of a sub-par Tottenham on Sunday, the battle for Top 4 (and thus Champions League  qualification next season) next season is hotter than ever, with six or seven teams (including Liverpool, who take on Swansea as I write) and the aforementioned Spurs and Southampton fancying their chances.

Who'll get in and who''l be left out when this football version of musical chairs is played out? One thing is for sure - it's not the 2-horse race you thought it was 2 weeks ago.

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