Saturday, March 7, 2015

Watches: The Coming Smartwatch Glut

Launching the Huawei watch
A funny thing happened on the way to the expected launch event for the Apple Watch on March 9 — a number of high-profile tech competitors have all launched competing versions of a smartwatch in just the past two weeks. And that’s in addition to all the smartwatches that already exist in the market, such as the Moto 360.
The new offering that everyone’s talking about, of course, is the Pebble Time, which has raised over $15.5 million on Kickstarter (including the first $1 million in less than one hour) to create a new smartwatch. The Pebble Time may appeal to a lower end of the smartwatch market than the Apple Watch, but there will soon be a new version that comes in beautiful gleaming steel.There’s also Huawei (Who? What?), which became the breakout star of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with a high-end smartwatch that’s being marketed the same way the Apple Watch is — as more of a fashion accessory than a new tech device. And there’s also LG, which now has a beautiful new LG Watch Urbane, also announced this month.

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