Sunday, April 26, 2015

Poetry: "O YEA! O YEA!....

Justice Fox  presiding
God save the Queen!"
Far though she may be
from the heart of the matter
the strains of
Blue beat swirl
around Buckingham
For the defense
Then young radicals of
The bar
Looking to make
grander names for themselves
Amid the rabid audience
And set the stage
For coming political
With testimony from Corporal Pennycooke, Conchita,
doctors, players
And others who can no longer
tell tales
Insanity a convenient exit
For a crew struggling to
take the wheel
Of a vehicle careening 
toward it's own
The driver having long since
Relinquished control
His gaze fixed on a point
Indiscernible to
Everyone else
The knife a
Signpost pointing out
A cul-de-sac
A sharp change in direction
A double edged
For the Man

The music
The nation

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