Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Poetry: TOP 5

PLAYBOY did not see fit
DOWNBEAT too missed out
but no doubt they
would have heard
the True poll
with respondents like
Sarah the Divine
and blind Shearing of blessed memory
both of whom placed him
Top 5
They would know that
JJ the pre-eminent
braved the elements
just to hear Drummond
they would see the charts
across the Pond
that set man in the Street
at number 1
Brubeck had to
Take Five
not from fatigue
but because he was
to know
that the Don could take his Out of Time
and turn it
inside out
The sound of
comets abalaze
and planets turning
Coxsone got snippets of
the genius and
stuck him with the tag
Don Cosmic
and Marley took
Eastern Standard Time
and turned it into
"Baldhead" rag
a generation past
and a younger Marsalis
- himself a trombone man -
took a cabbie's word
and was amazed by
what he heard
What a joyous acclamation
in the great beyond
when they can all extend a hand
a word
an acknowledgement
of the Rockfort magician
who fashioned tunes
into gems and
the world

Artwork in photo -  Clinton Hutton

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