Monday, May 18, 2015

Business: SMEs in need of a "Katalyxt"

Business growth consultancy Katalyxt had its own expectations exceeded at the Knutsford Court in Kingston last Thursday when it presented a briefing on the way forward for small businesses.

Moderated by noted radio/TV commentator Cliff Hughes, the breakfast panel heard stirring contributions from the likes veteran agricultural exporter Rita Hylton, who painted a no-nonsense picture of the intricacies and challenges of maintaining supplies, educating producers and qualifying buyers.

Another ear-pricking contribution came from UWI lecturer Andre Haughton, who pointed out that corruption while inherently inimical for business as a whole, was actually spurring the progress of individuals and enterprises by virtue of the fact that it enabled businesses to acquire goods, meet orders, and retain staff.

Haughton also pointed out that conventional macro-economic metrics were insufficient in gauging economic activity or making a meaningful contribution  to national wealth.

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