Monday, May 25, 2015

Economy: Katalyxt Conference has the "Juice", Judy and more

Business consultancy Katalyxt continued its public advocacy role initiated at the prior launch of its service into a full-fledged, all-day business conference at Kingston's Knutsford Court hotel.

It was an eventful day that included  a "condensed" version of the Tru-Juice story, from present CEO Peter McConnell, and a creative industries panel featuring Sister Judy Mowatt, one of the I-Three backing corp, who are as legendary in their own right as the great Bob Marley whom they supported in his tours around the world and on wax.

Mowatt related the experience of losing the rights to the master of her landmark "Black Woman" album owing to the fac that she signed a prohibitive agreement at an early age in her career. The now gospel minister, who still very fondly remembers her time with the reggae legend,  closed the proceedings with a rousing rendition of "Ordinary Servant" and "Love is Not Blind"

The day also included repeated challenges to the finance industry and the emerging venture capital community to seriously take on board the needs and opportunities of the small business sector, and entertainment and agriculture businesses in particular.

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