Thursday, May 28, 2015

Live Music: heavy Grooves, Light Mood at Cafe Delite

There are jam sessions, and then there are legendary jam sessions. With some perseverance, we may (and they deserve it) soon be able to file the Wednesday night experience at Kingston's Cafe Delite under the latter.
Certainly bassist/convenor Paul "Smiley" Madden, and the most recent support duo of Chris Tyrell on drums and Alex Martin-Blanken on keys laid down sufficiently robust grooves - whether on "Mercy Mercy" or Bob Marley's "Heathen". Add in the "not too shabby" (OK, the marvelous) vocals of Alex's wife Christine Fisher - including a near tear-inducing "The Way We Were"(Streisand) and you have a live date definitely in need of wider recognition, even with the likes of Benjy Myers in the house.

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