Monday, May 11, 2015

Music: Dripping Blood spreads

Dripping Blood, the latest album from gospel  Carlene Davis, is poised to  thanks to major label distribution.In addition to VP , the album is being handled by global industry giant Universal Music, which is in fact the world's largest music corporation and owner of the world's second-largest music publishing company. The album was released in July of last year, in turn five years after the previous album, True Worship,   and has been posting solid returns, with a number of promotional jaunts to North America and various points across the region in support of the disc

Husband Tommy Cowan, explaining the significance of the deal, said "the global footprint and stellar roster of a label such as Universal gives us a major boost in achieving our primary goal, which is getting the message of Christ's redemptive work spread as widely as possible, all over the world."

Speaking of the title, said that while taking communion, he had a vision involving the titular "blood" in which he literally felt the blood of Christ flowing down on him as he worshiped and praised the Lord after having had the wine. 

The single Dripping Blood is a bonus on the 16-track set, produced by Cowan for Glory Music, and
among the disc's other standout tracks are King of Glory, 10,000 Reasons, All About You featuring her daughter Naomi, Divine Authority, and Jubilee, with gospel deejay Papa San.

An accompanying video has also been made (shot and edited by Nathan Cowan) for the title track.

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