Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Society: Taking Aim, through Kids, Against Big Tobacco

The last day of May is trditionally observed as No Tobacco Day. This year, the Jamaican observances included a Poster Competition and a DJ contest, organised by the Coalition for Tobacco COntrol and the National Council on Drug Abuse respectively, the winners being feted in a free-wheeling, if not disjointed programme at  Kingston's Knutsford Court. The proceedings were also covered by the RJR Group's "health activist" Jenny Jenny.

The focus this year is on illict cigarettes (something the local distributor may ironically be happy about) seen as flouting all of the hard-won and still-tobe-won stringencies against "cigarette" use. Cigarettes, it seems (although cigars and pipes were alluded to) appear to be the big target of the campaigners.


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