Monday, July 25, 2016

Don't be Married to A Job

- From Alvin Day

If you will succeed in taking home bread and milk to your family, here is one prerequisite: Stop regarding your job as a marriage with the intention to live happily ever after.

The job is an Industrial Age entity that now struggles for survival in the Information Age. In the 1980s, keeping a job for 10 to 20 years was a mark of loyalty and commitment. Today, one job for over 5 years makes you mono-cultural and unexposed in a rapidly changing marketplace.  Besides, corporations no longer want a growing pool of employees who will be paid a retirement income for the rest of their lives—not when a fresh batch graduates from school every year, faster, cheaper and more technologically savvy.

To produce ongoing bread and milk for the family, you must become an economic value, so desirable that some person or organization willingly pays you to use it. Today, you may rent or lease it to one company, but if either of you chooses separation or divorce, that economic value remains intact, for engagement elsewhere. For some tenure with the present company, operate as anentrepreneur-on-the-inside, not as a permanent dependent with squatter’s rights.Instead, daily deliver innovation, creativity and desired outcomes.

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