Monday, January 16, 2017


"The Bonds of Promised Land", a documentary feature on the history of the Chinese in Jamaica will  have a premiere screening at the Carib Cineplex in Kingston on January 26.

The film examines the factors which led the British to begin importing Chinese labourers into the country in the mid-1850s, and the societal impact their presence has had over the succeeding 160 years.
Executive producer-director Fritzroy Smith, said his main interest was to look at how the Chinese had managed to transform their fortunes and become the dominant commercial and entrepreneurial force they are today. "I believer there are lessons for all of us in this story, and I'm grateful yo those Chinese interests here that supported us in the making of this documentary."
The production, shot in Guangdong (Canton), China as well as across Jamaica features interviews with a wide-cross section of Chinese-Jamaicans and others, commenting on their dual nature, as well as on the efforts to preserve and highlight their historical culture even with the inevitable and ongoing process of assimilation into the broader Jamaicsn fabric.

It also looks at the latter-day arrivals of Chinese, via the huge infrastructure projects undertaken in the country, and how their outlook differs from that of the original indentures, who were almost exclusively of the nomadic Hakka tribe.

"The Bonds of Promised Land" is a KhromaKey Media production, produced and directed by Smith, with Michael A.D. Edwards and Shauna Brandon co-writing and camera work by Dave ... and Kyle Chin.

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