Monday, February 13, 2017

Watches: Time for Love, or Lust

-Robb Report

Chocolates, oysters, lingerie, roses—we all know the usual suspects when it comes to arousing a little interest from our significant others when Valentine’s Day (or sometimes, any other Tuesday) rolls around. Long before the advent of pornography in its conventional sense, the task of supplying “excitement” was a task occasionally left to the world of horology. Back in 2011, a large selection of erotic pocket watches from the 18th and 19th century hit the auction block, pulling in some fairly significant prices in the process. Some boasted enameled dials displaying rather “NSFW” acts, and others took things a step further with automaton functions that could arguably be called the first examples of mobile video porn. These days, a surprising number of luxury watch manufacturers still dabble in the realm of taboo timekeeping. You may be as shocked as we were to see some of the names gracing this list.

Taboo Timepieces

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