Thursday, March 2, 2017

Biz: With Lennox, Geddes "Varies the Flow"

Bringing over 160 years combined experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, Geddes Refigeration Limited and Lennox Heating and Cooling Systems launched the latest line of Lennox air conditioning units, featuring variable refrigerant flow technology (VRF) at Kingston's Knutsford Court hotel earlier this week.

Geddes, a leader in the industrial, commercial and home cooling sectors in Jamaica, has spent the past two years testing the system at its facility, and at the launch, CEO Roy Lafayette invited the gathering of customers to visit the company's headquarters and do the same.

The VRF technology allows for conditioning on an area by area basis. This means that more than one room can be individually cooled, and at varying temperatures, without the need for multiple condenser units atthe location. There are two versions of the product a mini-VRF for residences, and a full-VFR for commercial use,

Speaking at the launch, Lennox's global channel manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Rusty Brown, said the technology is "a game-changer in terms of cost savings", adding that it allows for the control of multiple evaporators, all under a single control, with variable temperature settings for each room or area .
Brown also said that Lennox's technology allows the air conditioning unit to ramp up or down to adjust the amount of energy its uses and automatically modify its settings based on internal temperatures. The system also works on solar power.

Beyond the product itself, both supplier and distributor emphasized their readiness to work "hand-in-hand" with partners in the field to help them maximize the benefits of the VRF or any cooling system. at the launch, customers were shown images of a range of sites throughout Latin America and Caribbean where VRF systems had already been installed, including one in Barbados.

Speaking after  the event Geddes' Marketing Manager Dean Lafayette described the partnership with Lennox as one of the most valuable for the company. "They are our major supplier and in every instance the level of responsiveness and support that we enjoy with them is just unbeatable," Lafayette said. "They happily address every detail and we're proud to represent them in Jamaica."

And Geddes, which has been designing, installing and maintaining cooling systems for over 60 years, came in for praise of its own from Brent Sexton of WISYNCO. "The Geddes team is terrific and are always solution-oriented. For expertise, reliability cost-effectiveness and that special value-added of genuine customer service, they have been the best option for us by far." Sexton said.

Geddes CEO Roy Lafayette said the company expects to see a significant boost in market share with the addition of the Lennox VRF product.

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