Thursday, April 27, 2017

Auto: Land Rover's "Manchurian Candidate"

During this year's Shanghai Auto Show, Landwind is showing off their Evoque clone, the X7, with no fewer than four models on display at their stand. This prompted JLR CEO Ralf Speth to address the media about the issue.

According to Autonews, Speth confessed that JLR has made no progress in having the X7 made illegal, while also stating that the Chinese brand is having a lot of success with the X7.

"They're doing very well. It's a good car. We know; it's our car," added the JLR boss.

This is clearly a very irritating issue for Land Rover, especially with the X7 costing only a third of the Evoque's price. In fact, according to Matt Gasnier, owner of global sales aggregator, the X7 accounts for most of Landwind's sales, which in 2016 stood at 80,002 units.

JLR's path to shutting down the X7 was made even more difficult last year when Chinese authorities suddenly canceled Land Rover's patent on the Evoque. Apparently, these patents were cancelled because the Evoque's design was put on public display a whole year before the design patent was even filed.

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