Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cannabis: Cedella Cooks with "Calli"

-The Gleaner

Chief executive officer at Tuff Gong International Cedella Marley will be launching a marijuana cookbook, which becomes the latest weed venture by the Marley family.
The planned release is set for July 25 this year and demonstrates the quick-fire entry of the Marleys into the changing marijuana landscape in the United States where many of them live.
The book, authored by Cedella Marley and Raquel Pelzel, combines the brand appeal of the iconic Marleys with the backing of top publisher Pam Krauss/Avery, a non-fiction arm of the Penguin Group. Additionally, it will utilise the top online selling platforms of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, HudsonBooksellers, IndieBound, Powell's, Target and Walmart. Last week, Cedella Marley said that the buyers can pre-order the 240-page book. which will retail for roughly US$30.
"Fulljoy, my new cookbook Cooking with Herb," tweeted Cedella Marley, the first-born daughter of reggae singers Bob and Rita Marley. She added that 75 recipes were on offer allowing patrons to experience what she termed the 'Marley Natural Lifestyle'. Gleaner Business tried unsuccessfully to contact her for comments.


The blurb on the book said it shows how cannabis can be part of a "clean, green, healthy life"and shares tips for "first-time users and marijuana devotees" on how they can use it to spice up beloved dishes.
In addition to heading Tuff Gong, which started as a record label by the late reggae icon Bob Marley, Cedella has also authored a children's book titled One Love taken from one of her father's hit songs. She is also a designer, singer and entrepreneur.
"She guides readers on the questions they should ask at dispensaries, offers insights on today's more potent weed, demystifies the process behind controlling the dosage of cannabis in edibles, and shares a collection of more than 75 Caribbean-inflected, cannabis-boosted recipes," added the blurb, which also shares advice on how to use marijuana as a beauty scrub, for hair treatment and yoga meditation.
Last February, the Marley Group of Companies, backed by a venture capital firm, licensed its name to create Marley Natural, a United States-based company which sells herb and accessories. Another Marley sibling, Damian, launched his own cannabis line called Stony Hill, which raised US$750,000 in capital.

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