Saturday, April 8, 2017

Culture: Winkler's writings "Come Home"

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, yesterday (Thursday) welcomed home the Anthony Winkler archives, which include: correspondences, manuscripts, poems and theatrical scripts.

The archives were presented to the National Library of Jamaica at a ceremony dubbed, ‘Home at Last’.

Minister Grange noted that although Winkler moved to the United States of America to advance his career, he never really left Jamaica. She recalled Winkler’s description of America as nothing more than a place where he worked and that Jamaica was his home.

“Anthony Winkler was an outstanding Jamaican literary artist to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for telling some of the Jamaican stories to a wider global audience.  In so doing, he not only demonstrated his love for his country but also brought knowledge of this country to millions who have read or watched his works or who were fortunate to have met him personally,” Minister Grange said.

She also noted that “every work penned by Anthony Winkler, every attitude that he showed, every lecture he gave became a testimony to his life in Jamaica”.

Minister Grange used the opportunity to thank the Winkler family for donating the personal archives of their beloved husband and father to the National Library of Jamaica.

We want to assure the family that by housing the personal archives of Anthony Winkler here at the National Library the Government and people of Jamaica signal our pride in the achievements of this outstanding Jamaican that you have been proud to call husband, father and friend.  We also want you to know that it allows us to preserve it for posterity and make it available through various channels to the people of Jamaica here and abroad,” Minister Grange said.

Anthony Winkler’s work includes: The Painted Canoe, The Duppy (a favourite of this writer), The Lunatic, The Annihilation of Fish (both later adapted into films), The Family Mansion, Dog War and Going Home to Teach.

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