Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Film: Cinematic Treats from Brasil

The brigadeiro is a Brazilian candy: essentially a cooked cocoa ball enahnaced with butter and condensed milk and festooned in chocolate sprinkles.

Equally irresistible was the Brazilian Film Fest (or mini-fest), which opened on Monday at Kingston's Palace Cineplex. Brigadeiro's were served prior to the start , and "patrons" were also offered drink and popcorn vouchers, in addition to seeing the movie for free (obrigados, Brazilian Embassy).

The occasion was the 55th Anniversary of Brazil-Jamaica relations, the Amazon giant being the very first Latin American country to open relations with newly minted Jamaica back in 1962. The ties have deepened since then, what with Jamaican reverence for Brazilian soccer (football) and the equivalent passion of the Brasilenos for Jamaican reggae.

Given the latter, it was fitting that the Festival opened - with zero speeches or fanfare - with Breno Silveira's 2005 family feature, "the 2 Sons of Francisco", based on the true story of singing brothers and their would-be Svengali father, a poor and naive yet enthusiastic farmer who pushes them to become country music stars (Brazil ahd country and Western - who knew?!). Its a touching and engaging piece, with marvelous cinematography, great performances all round and music by world-renowned Caetano Veloso.

the festival continues through Thursday, with showtimes 5:30 pm. The films span several genres and range from 90 minutes to just over 2 hours in length.

Go support the event, enjoy a great movie, broaden your cultural horizons and have a sweet brigadeiro. Or two.

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