Monday, April 3, 2017

Music: L'Horace brings latest "cut" "In The Morning"

Fans of well-conceived, impeccably played and produced music with an inspirational touch need look - nor listen - no further. "In The Morning" the official debut from L'Horace, is rising into the consciousness of the music public, issued on the artiste's own Steel Cut records label.

The tune, with its infectious hook, features Dalton Browne on guitar, Sly Dunbar on drums, Latonya Davis on Backing vocals and - particularly on the extended acoustic version - piano by Stephen Stewart, who also mixed both original reggae and acoustic tracks

The singer-songwriter, born with the politically famous name of [Leonard] Horace Clarke ( a well-known former political representative and Government minister) left Jamaica in early adolescence with his family and resided in the US, where his musical life began in earnest.

Through a number of transitions (local talent and club scenes, studio work, a stint in a local group) he entered the Church and began writing and singing gospel and inspirational tunes that can speak to a wide cross-section of listeners and carry flawless production.

"In The Morning" is the first outcome of that quest, and signals that there is no limit to cross-genre appeal of the artiste.
His intended follow-up is no less momentous: a cover of Stevie Wonder's classic 70s radio anthem "Love's In Need {of Love Today]" a song for the times - and for all times - if ever there was one.

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