Friday, June 23, 2017

"Focus on Regs" says Cannabis licensing Authority

The following is a release fro m the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) and does not necessarily align with the views of this blog:

 As Jamaica develops its cannabis industry, of utmost importance has been to adhere to regulations which have been set with close guidance to the international treaties. In so doing, it seeks to maintain the transparency and integrity needed to assure international confidence which aids in promoting exports from Jamaica and develop confidence from the banking sector.

To guarantee a reputable medical cannabis industry, there needs to be an assurance for the consumer that cannabis products are safe, properly labelled and packaged and provided by reputable sources. This requirement is no different than that of any other medical products. Jamaica’s closed loop system, ensures the maintenance of a legal framework in which persons may access medicinal cannabis that is tested and safe for consumption.

Within the supply chain, each licensee is required to conduct transactions only with those who are also in possession of a licence. As such, if a processor wishes to make a product for sale, they must acquire cannabis from a licensed cultivator, and then have this transported by a licensed transporter. To sell their product in a retail setting, they must have a buyer, who is able to sell in a licensed retail facility. For an individual to purchase the product for medicinal use, they must be in possession of a medical prescription allowing them to consume.

The development and adherence to the closed loop system, also protects the general populace by minimizing the opportunities for the illicit ganja trade to grow, despite the development of legal channels for the growing, transportation, research, processing and selling of the plant.

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