Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Health: Bringing Labs up to speed and more into the anti-virus picture

That was the main thrust of the CARPHA Regional forum held over two days (beginning Wednesday) at Kingston's Knutsford Court

Zika created a platform and clarion call for enlisting the support of  laboratories

Dr Karen Polson-Edwards, Acitng Director Surveillance and Disease Control
laboratories play critical role in vector-borne diseases like Zika"

The zika fight is but one aspect of  Developing a Road Map for regional health security,  with the repeat:  there is an important role for laboratories, that of bio-safety

There is noted the development of new networks to attack vector-bore diseases and viruses. The input of laboratories is critical to better prepare national health systems throughout the region  to protect and respond to emerging threats

Kevin Karem - CDC Atlanta (specifically the Centre for Global Health) spoke to the origin of the coordination initiative, stating that he was "discussing lab capacity opportunities in Caribbean and Latin America" in Mar 2015 - noted increased risk of rapid transport arising from Ebola virus
zika came on heels of the initial discussion -

Experience has engendered the theme "We can't do this alone"

Contrary to conventional thought, there is significant laboratory capacity available in and to the region, from Global disease detection sites and several initiatives and U.S. Government and quasi-Government agencies

This information led to the formation of a strategy for global coordination of laboratory efforts

every lab will emphasize 8 objectives

develop networks
corodinate locally and regionally
strengthen labs in various systems
strengthen data management
diagnostic cascade improvement
investmnt in workforce development
mapping lab capacity

The main Capacity Indicators will include training programme development and tech assistance.

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