Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sport: "All Klear" for Kaliese

No athlete, especially a top level one, with international medals, wants to be banned, even for a minute.

So, even though the outcome was almost foregone, it was a visibly relieved Kaliese Spencer, accompanied by fellow athlete Christine Day, who heard attorney Kent Gammon, Chair of the three-man arbitration panel pronounce that said panel was NOT persuaded by the evidence brought against Spencer by the Jamaica Anti Doping Commission (JADCO) and that she was NOT guilty of an anti-doping violation pursuant tot the relevant articles of the JADCO code.

Spencer, known as a fashion plate off the track, was subdued in a black sheath and declined to talk to the press. The JADCO members, no doubt hurrying to wipe some egg off their faces left as soon as the verdict was announced. Spencer's manager was on hand and her lead counsel available by telephone. Both expressed confidence in expectation of an "all-clear" and rubbished JADCO's actions in bringing a case in the first instance.

Spencer, who her manager says has been training throughout the 3-month hearing, is now gearing up for the impending National Athletic Trials, from which the team for the 2017 IAAF Wolrd Championships in London this August, will be selected.

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