Friday, December 22, 2017

Auto Biz: ATL Auto "Bonds" With Kingston Wharves

-Jamaica Observer

Auto importer ATL Automotive has signed a deal with Kingston Wharves Ltd to provide bonded warehousing and logistics services for all its brands.

The operation is expected to begin February 2018.

The announcement of the partnership comes days after Shipping Association of Jamaica member company Kingston Wharves Ltd formally commissioned its Global Logistics Centre at Tinson Pen in Kingston. When completed, the centre will span 18 acres in the first phase, with the potential for further expansion.

Chief executive officer of Kingston Wharves Ltd, Grantley Stephenson, has advised that the first phase of the investment will be focused on the auto logistics market for new and used car dealers. Jetcon Corporation Ltd has already secured its space to provide services for the local and regional markets. ATL Automotive will be the next major client to occupy space at the centre which forms a part of the Jamaica Logistics Hub Initiative.
Commercial director at ATL Automotive, Wayne Cummings, told the Jamaica Observer that the company has agreed to lease three acres of land on the wharves. What's more, the automotive company is now planning the construction of Pre-Delivery Inspection facility (PDI) on site to provide initial diagnostics among other services of all its brands.

It means that instead of having the cars come off the ships and ATL clearing them instantaneously, Kingston Wharves will bond the vehicles for the entire period until the duty is paid on the vehicles. Kingston Wharves will also take on the responsibility of moving the cars on site for the PDI process and will also take on customs brokerage, which is new for both companies.

“It absolutely means more efficiency for customers. The intention is that with the buildout of the PDI facility, we are going to be working with Kingston Wharves on a continuous basis; getting all cars prepared, ready for sale and delivery; whether they have been purchased already or otherwise.

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