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Emx Special feature: CYBER-RAPE? OR CYBER-FRAUD.....50 Lies of A Media Queen

Michael A. D. Edwards

Amid all the high - profile "takedowns" and (ongoing) revelations of the #Me Too movement, there were bound to be a few scams and outright frauds. One of them is Darieth Chisolm, self-proclaimed "Hustler" and founder of the movement "50 Shades of Silence." Chisolm is accusing an individual to whom she refers as her “ex-Jamaican boyfriend" (The individual is known to this writer, but we'll call him Mr. X) of cyber rape and revenge porn arising from images of her and a video in which she features - both posted on the Internet following their break-up January, 2017.

Chisolm has started the aforementioned movement and website of the same name, from which she purportedly is advocating for victims of cyber sexual assault and harassment and is also working on a documentary of her alleged experience, as well as that of other women. The site also solicits contributions to enable "field producers" for the documentary and other causes related to the film and the advocacy in general. In addition, she has made a complaint in civil court in the U.S. about the posted images.

Having seen Chisolm give interviews on several national broadcast media news shows and reading reports on the issue in several publications as well as on the Internet, I sought Mr. X out to get his version of the events. My first question to Mr. X - expectedly - was, "did you post images and a video of Darieth Chislom on the internet?" His answer: No, he did not post any such images or video of Chisolm.

As one may guess, this is NOT your typical “tropical romance gone sour” story. Firstly, according to Chisolm (in her court statement), the two first met in the U.S. when she was 19 and Mr. X about 3 years older, and dated for a few months. After no contact for over two decades, she continues, Mr. X, she says, “searched me out on the Internet and, finding my number, called me in 2015.” After talking and Skyping for a few months “on and off” the two began a relationship again. Later that year, Chisolm moved to Jamaica to be with Mr. X.

Okay, so what, you may ask. After this point, things get, well.....complicated. The relationship that according to Chisolm's statement precipitated her move to Jamaica was in fact, an extramarital one, one of at least two that Chisolm confided to Mr. X had taken place over the course of her 20-year marriage. A divorce from her husband had been obtained prior to her arrival on the island on December 4, 2015, but one of the incidents which accelerated the dissolution of her marriage was her then husband catching her in a rather compromising Skype call with Mr. X on June 26, 2015.

The proverbial stew of the plot thickens further. Chisolm claims, in her statements that she chose to “end the relationship” in April of 2016, claiming that by then Mr. X had become “increasingly controlling and manipulative and didn't want me leaving Jamaica to secure work opportunities in the U.S.” Mr. X provided an exhaustive timeline of her trips to Jamaica, including a visit on June 19 through July 14, 2016 (25 days) that curiously does not feature in any of Chisolm's court statements, print or broadcast media interviews. On all occasions when Chisolm visited, the two lived together, Mr. X states. The timeline also details repeated occasions where the two were together (including datelined pictures of her and Mr. X in Kingston on June 20; in Negril with Mr. X and his family on June 28, 2016). There are also hotel registration slips (Rock House Hotel, Negril - dated July 5-7, 2016) and other documents that clearly bear both their names and signatures. Mr. X has also retained whatsapp messages, text and email records/documents of their exchanges and their personal affairs going back to when they initially reconnected in January 2015.

Regarding Chisolm's stated last trip to “formally end the relationship” (she speaks about it in all her interviews) that task, according to Mr. X's records, strangely took all of 13 days, and actually began a week before Chisolm's stated November date (see Timeline below). And, in case you might be thinking the visit was purely social, they include a one-night stay at the famed Strawberry Hill resort (October 27, 2016) in the Blue Mountains and a weekend stay at the equally renowned Couples Resorts in Ocho Rios (October 29-30, 2016) where at Chisolm's behest, they were hanging out "au naturel," having cocktails in voyeur mode at the resort's nude beach. Mr. X states that to this day, he still has three suitcases of Chisolm's belongings [dresses, shoes and other personal (toys) items]. Sure doesn't sound like someone who was eager to “formally end the relationship.”

Timeline of Chisolm visits
Chisolm first visited Mr. X in Jamaica: Arrive/Departed: May 24 - June 1, 2015
(8 Days)

2. Visiting Mr. X to celebrate her Birthday, Arrive/Departed: August 2-16, 2015
(14 Days)

3. Apartment hunting with Mr. X, Arrive/Departed: September 25 - October 4, 2015
 (9 Days)

4. Officially Moved to Jamaica, Arrive/Departed: December 4-19, 2015
(15 Days)

5. Back in Jamaica, Arrive/Departed: December 30 - February 22, 2015-2016
(54 Days)

6. Back in Jamaica, Arrive/Departed: March 14 - April 2, 2016
(19 Days)

7. Back in Jamaica, Arrive/Departed: June 19 - July 14, 2016
(25 Days)

8. Back in Jamaica, Arrive/Departed: October 23 - November 5, 2016
(13 Days)

Looking at the timeline, it seems clear that Chisolm was NOT, in any way being restricted or manipulated into remaining in Jamaica, nor had any reason to feel fearful of Mr. X or being in his company, contrary to the claim she makes in her statements and interviews. According to Mr. X, there was a mutual understanding between them that Chisolm would come and go as she pleased, given that, as she told Mr. X, Jamaica was largely a place where she could “release her inhibitions” in a manner that she would not normally do in the U.S. or while she was with her husband.

But it goes even further. In March 2016, he says he learned that he had contracted the herpes virus from Chisolm. Confronting her about it, he was first met with denials and lies. He says she eventually told him “she had known about her condition for over 20 years, but had not bothered to tell me about it because her husband had not gotten the virus.” It is interesting to note that this incident is NOWHERE mentioned (like the cover-up of the 25 days visit) in Chisolm's statements or media interviews, even though, according to Mr. X, it is THE incident, the proverbial final straw that led to huge arguments and the deterioration of the relationship. Prior to that, Mr. X says, Chisolm on several occasions, when returning to Jamaica, gave him other STIs, for which he obtained prescription treatment for himself, and - one occasion - for them both at her request.

But don't sign off yet, there's still a few more details that Chisolm has not bothered to address in her media campaign. The two shared a townhouse in St. Ann, on Jamaica’s North Coast, (alluded to but not specifically stated by Chisolm) on a joint (50-50) lease basis from December 2015 to December 2016 - meaning that Chisolm's name was also on the lease and she was jointly obligated in that regard. In May of 2016, Mr. X says Chisolm stopped fulfilling her obligations on the townhouse with 8 months remaining on the lease, (despite subsequently returning to be with him after that point). This action, which Mr. X points out left him in a considerable financial bind, naturally also contributed to the conflict.

Secondly, according to Chisolm's court statement, she and her attorney allege that Mr. X was arrested in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2011, trying to elude Jamaican authorities and U.S. immigrations agents. "False." Documents obtained by this writer show clearly that while the person named in her injunction shares a first and last name with Mr. X, the middle name is totally different AND the individual is 14 years younger. This, Mr. X, says, is another underhanded attempt to make him out to be a menace in the eyes of the U.S authorities, Jamaican authorities, immigration authorities, U.S. court, the general public and her social media followers, in order to ensure that he would (in Chisolm's own words) “never be allowed back in the States again”

Most importantly, Mr. X, insists, is that Chisolm's behaviour with him while they were together is totally inconsistent with - even directly opposite to - the chaste, demure, aggrieved virtuous professional that she has sought to portray in her media appearances. To the point, he says, Chisolm has insisted in her interviews that she had “no prior knowledge” of his checkered past. This, he says, "is a blatant lie, she knew that I was deported and also the reason why." He relates her saying the following to him, in sober and drunken states, in spoken conversations as well as texts (whatsapp: June 22, 2015): “I prefer bad boys, because I'm a round the way girl, down for anything, ride or die bitch.” 

In addition to the fact of her divorce and her extra-marital affairs, Mr. X states that Chisolm ("an exhibitionist while on the island") was given to demanding sex in public spaces. This includes on several public beaches - Doctor's Cave, Runaway Bay and Boston Beach - and on the balcony of the Gloucestershire Hotel Montego Bay (August 2-3, 2015). On one of those beach escapades, they were scolded by lifeguards, and on the hotel balcony, they were fully visible from the busy street (Mobay's Hip Strip) below, while also knowingly being watched by hotel attendants. Chisolm also frequently demanded that Mr. X have marijuana available for her on her visits and repeatedly smoked it in public. These actions, he contends, “are not the work of a victim, and definitely are not in agreement with her assertion that the images being referred to were taken without her express consent and willing participation.” According to Mr. X, he has witnesses to corroborate his claims. He further notes that “Darieth, loves the camera and the attention no matter the place, occasion or the moment."

Darieth Chisolm, Mr. X says, wasn’t a victim of cyber rape nor revenge porn. Instead, she was outed on the Internet for knowingly and recklessly transmitting the herpes virus (that she knew she had for over 20 years) and her manipulative ways. Mr. X insists he has grounds to potentially file a civil suit against her as well as pressing criminal charges against Chisolm (Under Jamaica's Offences Against The Person Act) for knowingly transmitting the virus. Section 22 of that Act reads thus: “Whosoever shall unlawfully and maliciously wound or inflict grievous bodily harm upon any other person with or without any weapon or instrument, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and being convicted thereof, shall be liable to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding three years.”

Obviously, such a development would be devastating to Chisolm's newfound crusader status (not to mention the funds and the media and public platform that accompany it), even if the charge did not proceed to a court trial or if she was not convicted. This, Mr. X maintains, she absolutely cannot afford to happen, and this is what is driving her civil complaint, and her being featured in high profile news talk show broadcast (“Megyn Kelly Today”) on podcasts and in nationally circulated newspapers. He debunks the civil complaint as "bogus" and notes that it has so far twice been dismissed by the court (July 10, and October 27, 2017). 

Mr. X sums up his “ex” as “a female version of Weinstein, Simmons, Lauer, Conyers and many more who have been outed in mainstream media for their manipulative, repulsive and repeated sexual misconduct."  “Darieth,” he adds, “has caused immeasurable and irreversible physical harm as well as psychological pain." He insists that he is the real victim (#MeToo) in this twisted hedonistic saga initiated by Chisolm.

In her desperate need to cover her misdeeds and sullied character in using Mr. X and the island as her own little sexual fantasy paradise, and now being exposed and outed for recklessly and knowingly transmitting a viral infection, "Darieth," he says, "The Detroit Peacock Hustler, has gone to the ends of the earth to present herself as having transited from victim to survivor, to activist and advocate." 

The real damage, he states, finally, is to all the legitimate victims of sexual assault and harrassment, who now have to contend with an immoral interloper seeking fame and to line her own pockets from their suffering.

Michael A. D. Edwards


  1. What an absolute bunch of lies written here... completely irresponsible journalism. Why doesn’t this unnamed person go to court and face this head on if he is right? Just a bunch of lies, libel, and fraudulent/manufactured facts. I am very familiar with he facts and both Mr. X and the author here are misogynistic monsters who will hopefully pay the price for victimizing women.

    1. Mr. X has documents to support ALL his claims

    2. I have seen his death threats to her... his disgusting web site before it was taken down... spoken to those contacts of hers that he sent links of her naked body too (pictures he took without her knowledge and while she was sleeping).... he is a liar, and abuser, and your article only serves to shame victims into silence... he may be a sociopath, but you are using your voice to shame others and further victimize her. You need to examine your motives and take down this inflammatory journalism.

  2. You repeat unfounded claims...her civil complaint was twice dismissed....where is her evidence? All that is told in this story is backed by txt, IM, email and receipts. Put up, or shut up

  3. Where is your evidence... she has the evidence and just had a court victory... he hides because it is international... I HAVE SEEN THE EVIDENCE, you have either LIED here or have seen false evidence... have you tried to obtain other evidence? Why do you victim shame? You are just making it harder for the many women and children victims in the future (and current). So please PUT UP or SHUT UP yourself... Do you deny he made a website with her naked pictures? so you deny he sent them to her family and business contacts? do you deny he threatened to stab her in the heart? You are a HACK!

  4. "pictures taken without her knowledge"? Firstly you weren't there and second, you clearly saw an entirely different set of images from the ones I've been shown portray a very willing participant, a poser as was pointed out in the story. Could it be your perception is driven by a "deeper interest" Mr. "Woo-Woo Man"?

  5. The "victory" you refer to is both temporary and hollow....the freight train of evidence [even beyond what was reported] is about to roll

  6. I've seen the evidence, heard her say "I don't want you recording me" and saw the multiple threats to her and family. Was there when her mother cried with her. This blog is identical to thousands of others who attempt to justify their criminal acts by blaming and shaming the victim.

    Michael Anthony David Edwards, you have a daughter. Imagine her coming to you crying because her ex boyfriend is posting naked pictures of her because she broke up with him. Imagine her seeing this blog. This is further evidence of the harassment and bullying done to her and now includes several of her friends. You and he stalked her and friends and directly tweeted this harassing defamatory blog.

    Why can't you and he simply leave her and her friends alone? If he had some case against her, why hasn't it been a year and nothing filed? He isn't allowed in the U.S. so that proves that defense is false.

    Stop being cowards, attacking a woman who broke up with her boyfriend. Holla at me.

    1. Mr Peppers (Chuck Franciscus) your evidence; everything in the article is backed up by records and documents; Ms Chisolm was cross many media outlets painting her selective portrait and u must be ware that cyber-RAPE is a serious charge; - in the name of accuracy, my full name is Michael ANDREW David Edwards, and my children have NO place whatsoever in this discussion; do NOT mention them again

    2. Threatening the life of anyone is a felony.....does either of you clowns realize the if Mr X had done as you say, he'd be in a US jail right now??? And can we just address one basic fact here: the relationship between Chisolm and Mr X did not "end" at the time she says in her statement(s); she knows that, and the proof exists, which means her whole case is not credible. U don't need to "stalk someone who is sending you love songs, declaring her love and insisting that you should be together......hmmmm, maybe the one "being stalked" was actually Mr X. Get over yourselves.

    3. You seem like a halfway decent person, think long and hard about this blog and how horrible of a person you are for trying to shame and humiliate a woman who was in a relationship. Again, think about your daughter going through something like this. Two grown adults were in a relationship, that's what this blog says, a kiss and tell from a teenager.

      Your coward friend couldn't let go after a breakup and has been trying to humiliate her ever since. You are playing right along, acting as if you were there yourself. The only thing your blog should focus on is whether the coward did the crimes he is accused of.

      Be a decent human being and do the right thing. Karma is real and someone may break up with your daughter and do this to her. Darieth has a mom, a son... You know not what you do.

    4. Again....the FACTS: Ms Chisolm ADMITTED(after initial denials and much argument) to KNOWINGLY PASSING ON THE HERPES VIRUS - which is a crime;

      Ms Chisolm LIED on her statements, saying the relationship ended at a particular time when she was willingly pursuing Mr X and flying in to be with him.

      Ms Chisolm chose to omit those two facts in ALL her media appearances (I'm sure you've watched them), painting herself as a victim when she is anything but.

      Why??? cause she knows she was outed and that her credibility is rice paper-thin, even as the complaint continues.

      If she can refute those facts, I'll respond in kind (but the proof exists, so good luck with that)

    5. Try asking her for the truth or take it from any of the eyewitnesses like myself. She never admitted to passing on any diseases, your friend may have contracted some but tough to prove where it came from when you are sleeping with multiple people. And if she committed such a crime, why not contact the police instead of blogging about it?

      She said the relationship ended after his birthday in November. 2 months later he threatened her life and her son. She is clearly a victim and you are further victimizing her. If you think her family and friends are going to let 2 cowards attack her without responding, you are badly mistaken. Be men and come after me...I've witnessed it all from day 1. I will reach out to your daughter to educate her so she doesn't become a victim of such cowardly acts.

    6. Send me evidence....any kind of proof of any threat made by Mr X to Ms Chisolm, her family or her friends; Prove that he at any time said that he would shoot or stab her.

      EVERY claim in that article is backed up, specifically:
      - that she knowingly gave him herpes (AND other STIs);
      -that the relationship was ongoing past her stated date;
      -that she actively pursued him;

      all FACTS......I await any reasonable counter that has evidence

    7. All lies and fabricated stories from a coward who couldn't be man enough to walk away. What do you or he get out of blogs and "outting" people? Again, go to the police, have her arrested but no you both harass, threaten and blog.

      I'm done wasting time with you. We are busy helping other victims and educating girls and women about cowards like you and Dirty dick Don. Why's it so hard to put your efforts and attention into something positive, helping people etc?

      Your both cowards.

  7. I realize "Mr. X" doesn't care about his kids or grandchildren but you seem to care about your daughter. Do yourself and your daughter a favor and stay away from defending a career criminal.

    Under Jamaica’s Cybercrimes Act of 2015, a person who commits an offence by using a computer willfully with intent to send to another person any data (whether in the form of a message or otherwise) that is obscene, constitutes a threat, or is menacing in nature; and intends to cause, or is reckless as to whether the sending of the data causes annoyance, inconvenience, distress, or anxiety, to that person or any other person can be fined up to J$4 million (US$31,318) or imprisonment up to four years, or both, by a parish judge, if the person is a first offender.

    If damage is caused as a result of the commission of the offence, the person may be fined J$5 million (US$ 39,148) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or both, by a parish judge, if the person is a first offender.

    In the case of a conviction on indictment before a Circuit Court, a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or both is recommended.

    If damage is caused as a result of the commission of the offence, a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 years, or both is recommended in the Circuit Court.

    The Deputy Police Commissioner further warned that that having pornographic images on mobile phones was also punishable by law.

  8. Chuck Charlie The Clown

    I have a message for you from you know who.

    "Let me start off by saying this is not a threat, I have to state that cause BITCHES like you will think it is and take this to other channels.

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    1. Mike "The Woo Woo Man"

      It's your turn

      You Bitch Born (not bitch made) Bitch Born lying Motherfucka

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      That's why you would lay on a sword for her with on fuckin proof or evidence talking about you "familiar with the facts" - you "have seen death threats to her" and you "have seen the evidence" You lying Mark Ass Fuck

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      Both of ya'll Piece a SHIT

      These Victims and the World are gonna find out the truth about ya'll and 50 S of S and the Queen. They gonna be piss the fuck off

      You PUNK ASS BITCH...

    2. If brains were dynamite you would not be able to blow your nose. Unlike you I don't hide my identity, and I certainly am not intimidated by your grammatical nightmare of a rant. I stand behind everything I have written. Your anger exposes your fear... those with the facts on their side just speak the truth, they don’t try to act like a schoolyard bully. I am so intimidated by the incoherent rantings of a guy hiding behind his computer (said nobody, ever).

  10. Cyber Rape? OR Cyber-Fraud... 50 Lies of a Media Queen

    Damaging statements made by 50 Shades of Silence's Research and Development member Chuck "Charley Peppers" Francisus while replying to blog (trying to be a tough guy) confirming that Darieth Chisolm founder of 50 Shades of Silence made FALSE statements regarding her civil injunction against her ex-Jamaican boyfriend.

    False statements were made: in sworn Court documents, to the Authorities, in all her Media interviews (see Megyn Kelly Today a national daytime talk show), to the Public and to the VICTIMS of Sexual Assault and Harassment, #Metoo, #Timesup and to her own movement (Team/Staff, Donors and again VICTIMS) Credibility of Chisolm is in question...


    Cyber Rape? OR Cyber-Fraud... 50 Lies of a Media Queen

    See and read two IDIOT staff members of 50 Shades of Silence LIE while battling it out with writer/blogger in defense of outed founder of 50 S of S Darieth Chisolm and her false claims of death threats from her ex-Jamaican Boyfriend.

    The two IDIOTS are Executive Producer Mike Wittlin the "Woo-Woo Man" and Research and Development Chuck "Charley Peppers" Francisus (who's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, rumor has it he has a new title, "Reason for Implosion") put their already suspect credibility on the line by making strong statements on the Internet that they have seen death threats on Chislom's life as well as on her family and friends from her ex-Boyfriend.

    Note to the LIL BOYS: Remember while "sword fighting" with each other for the number-one spot to the Media Queen of Lies heart, If a person threatens (verbal or sign language (with corroboration), voicemail, video, text, email, written, morris code or smoke signal) someone's life or their love ones and you have the physical prove (the evidence, exhibit A, B, C etc.) the person that does the threatening will be brought up on criminal charges, NOT bogus civil charges... and word of advice "IDIOT 1 and 2" don't try and use the "corroboration" tactic now, the World, the victims of sexual assault and harassment, the #MeToo / #TimesUp movement is now watching and listening as well as members of 50 Shades of Silence.