Saturday, December 23, 2017

Film: Barbados Hosts UK Spy Thriller Shoot

Irish and UK film companies have completed filming of a spy thriller using Barbados as the major setting.
Internationally renowned Irish dancer Michael Flatley directed and starred in the movie. The espionage thriller, also starring Hollywood actor, Eric Roberts, is set for theatrical release in 2018/19.
Ninety per cent of the film is currently being shot in Barbados, showcasing the suave and luxurious side of the island and promoting its extensive beauty.
The award-winning production companies, Dancelord pictures (UK), West One Entertainment (UK), Five Knight Films (Ireland) and Parachute film studios (Barbados/UK) came together to provide an international co-production dream team, says director Flatley.
Flatley, who owned a property in Barbados for 15 years, knew Barbados would be the perfect backdrop for the classic spy thriller.
Pleasure to do film
“I recommended Barbados to the producers Glen Kirby and Jed Tune of West One Entertainment. We wrote the story with the island in mind. It’s been a pleasure for all of us to film here,” he said in a press statement.
Irish co-producer and managing director of Five Knight Films, Richard Bolger said the crew thoroughly enjoyed “our time here and the island has welcomed our production”.
“We have spent six weeks here and it has become a home from home.  We all look forward to more collaborations with Parachute,” he said. Co-producer and director of Parachute film studios, Sanna Allsopp and CEO Roger Moore agreed that Barbados and the Caribbean were “terrific locations with highly skilled crew, equipment and casting”.
“We have had fantastic support for the project from the Government and the film commission. We are working on another feature next year. This is just the beginning of many such co-productions deals for us,” she said

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