Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Media: Bloomberg goes "Tic Toc" with Twitter


Yesterday morning saw the launch of “TicToc,” a new 24/7 news channel from Bloomberg that will stream live on Twitter, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

Unlike the television news service, TicToc plans to focus more on general news than financial reporting. A CNN for Twitter, essentially. TicToc has already rounded up a bevy of sponsors, who are paying $1.5 million to $3 million for ads that will involve branded content woven into the programming. 

The round-the-clock show could add weight to Twitter’s live video offerings, where it has struck deals with various sports leagues and publishers including BuzzFeed and Cheddar (a streaming financial news service that’s often described as a kind of CNBC or Bloomberg for young people). 

Twitter will be hoping offering an array of slickly produced content will continue its recent re-acceleration in daily active user growth. The key metrics to watch now will be whether the pair offer a TV-like average audience per minute figure and, further down the line, whether those debut advertisers renew their deals after the hype of the launch dies down.

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