Sunday, December 17, 2017

Photo: Shutterbugs Eagerly Answer the Call to "Capture Kingston"

-The Gleaner

Roy Thomas, 90, the oldest competitor in The Gleaner's Capture Kingston photo competition snaps a picture of a building in the Parade area of downtown Kingston. - Ricardo Makyn Photographer
Enthusiastic was the word Ricardo Makyn, multimedia photo editor at The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited, used to describe persons who participated in The Gleaner’s Capture Kingston photo competition which started this morning.
He noted that over 100 persons signed up. He expressed his gratitude to the competitors given the short time in which they had to prepare and register.
“We even had persons wanting to enter afterwards (deadline) but we really couldn’t take on anymore so it was oversubscribed.”
He said judges will be looking out for creativity and persons who will capture Kingston in a new and exciting way.
Makyn also said that the plan is to make the competition an annual event.
In the meantime, Andre McLennon, 28, one of the competitors, said being a fashion and lifestyle blogger, entering the competition was something exciting for him. He also said that being out from as early as 1 a.m. in downtown Kingston, he learnt a lot about the area.
Also 17-year-old Joshua Gordon from Clarendon, said he was grateful for the opportunity to enhance his talent. He said he took shots consisting mostly of temples and cathedrals.

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