Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Design: And Now, the "Finger Phone"

Korean startup company Innomdle Lab has designed a smartwatch strap that allows users to receive phone calls by simply raising their finger to their ear.
Presented at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the Sgnl wristband can be worn on its own, or can replace a traditional watch or smartwatch strap to deliver fingertip communication.
When paired with the user's phone via Bluetooth, the wristband uses Body Conduction Unit (BCU) technology to send vibrations down the user's wrist, before converting them into amplified sound.
The user then only needs to touch the tragus of their ear with their fingertip to hear the caller on the other end of the line.
BCU technology is more commonly used in headphones, where it allows users to listen to music without blocking their ears.
A microphone embedded in Sgnl's strap enables the user to talk back to their caller, and the device is also equipped with smart functions such as call reminders, health and fitness tracking.

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