Thursday, April 12, 2018

Auto: Senna's McLaren on the Auction Block

The McLaren MP4/8A is the sixth such chassis made. It’s very one in which the legendary Ayrton Senna won the 1993 Monaco Grand Prix. That was the last of the record six times he won the iconic race.
It was also one of five grand prix victories he took in that, his last season with the team. The next year, he switched to Williams in an ill-fated move that would claim his life.
Powered by a Ford/Cosworth V8, the MP4/8A was more simply known as the MP4/8 before the modified 8B was developed. But that model was used as a test-bed for a Lamborghini V12 engine, and was never raced. The MP4/9 that followed the next season packed a Peugeot V10 that served as a stop-gap for one year. The next season, McLaren embarked on its long relationship with Mercedes.
Resplendent in timeless Marlboro livery, Senna’s last McLaren will hit the auction block in Monaco next month. Bonhams (which will handle its sale) won’t say exactly how much it thinks it will sell for, but it tells us the sale price will be “in excess of five million euros.” That’d be about $6.2 million at current exchange rates. But we have every reason to believe it will fetch far more than that. Especially with all the hype surrounding the new road-going, track-focused McLaren Senna supercar.

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