Friday, May 18, 2018

Brands: Total Brings Excellum to Jamaica

Jamaica became the first English-speaking Caribbean island to receive the new Total Excellium unleaded gasoline as it was launched to the market on Wednesday.

“This launch represents a new step in innovation to help our customers consume less fuel. The Total Excellium line combines all of Total's technological know-how in its formula and reflects our very high commitment to quality,” David Ducognon, managing director, Total Jamaica, told the Jamaica Observer's Auto magazine at the product launch at the Spanish Court Hotel, New Kingston.

The new fuels, 90 octane and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), contain an additive aimed at keeping engines clean and increasing their longevity, reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions. It does this by attacking the deposits that build up over time in several main areas within the motor, like the injectors and intake valves. Both are now available at the company's 57 service stations islandwide.

“Modern engines have very tight clearances. For example, with the advent of direct injection, fuel injectors operate under high pressures to deliver the exact amount of fuel into the engine. Deposits as small as five microns can block the injectors and reduce performance by as much as 25 per cent,” Howard Henry, network manager, Total Jamaica, explained.

He further stated that local fuel samples were sent to Total's extensive research and development departments where they were tested and developed specifically for Jamaica.

“The formulation has been customised for local conditions.”

Thus, the local Total Excellium is confirmed to create 93 per cent less build-up in the 90 octane formulation and 89 per cent less in the ULSD versus the former non-additive version. Both new fuels will retain the same pricing in the market.

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