Monday, May 13, 2019

TV: Fall preview comes to Advertisers' Eyes

Advertisers will get their first look this week at what the broadcast networks have cooked up for the fall TV season during glitzy, star-filled presentations followed by booze-soaked parties.
The networks will try to make the case to marketers that broadcast TV is still the best way for brands to reach large audiences, despite significant ratings erosion. Executives also stress that their shows’ viewership grows over time as people catch up via DVRs or on-demand services. “We’re getting much better at monetizing past day seven,” said David Nevins, chief content officer at CBS Corp.
Jason Kanefsky, chief investment officer at ad buyer Havas Media, said networks are trying hard to distract from the harsh reality of a traditional TV ecosystem that is under siege: “The whole pitch is look over here, please don’t look at the fact that our TV ratings continue to erode.”

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