Friday, July 12, 2019

Sport: Jamaica Takes to the Ice for LATAM Cup

Helping Jamaica’s ice hockey team during its participation in the Amerigol Latam Cup competition
in Miami, Florida, will be a coach from Nanaimo in Canada. Donovan Tait, VIU Mariners assistant coach and member of the Nanaimo RCMP will join the Jamaican team when they travel to Florida for the Amerigol 2019 LATAM CUP in September. 

It remains unclear whether Tait, 49, will be featured on the ice, remain on the bench, or participate in some combination of the two. Tait himself said that he had been asked to play by the coaching staff, but he hopes to function more as a coach than a player. However, if he gets on the ice, he will certainly be happy to do so, he added. His role depends on how many players can get time off from their college, junior, or professionals teams to make the trip to Florida.

Participating in the LATAM Cup represents a major milestone for Jamaica’s team, which only recently joined the International Ice Hockey Federation as an associate member. Jamaica’s status as a full member will not occur until the nation has built its first arena, a project that has been professing for several years.

Other nations participating in the LATAM Cup in 2019 include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela. The competition’s divisions are Men’s D1, Men’s D2, Women’s, Youth U12 and Youth U16.

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