Sunday, September 1, 2019

Auto: Lambo gets "Electrified"

Lamborghini has seen what the future for its glorious V12, which it has every intention of keeping alive, holds – and its name is electrification.
Shortly after a report about the successor to the Aventador being pushed back until 2024 surfaced, Motor Authority had the opportunity to speak with Lamborghini chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani about what powertrains from the company will look like in the future.
“We think that (the) Lamborghini brand is based on the V12. And it’s clear that we need electrification because we need that to reduce (carbon dioxide) and…to have additional power based on electrification, Reggiani said.
Other reports stated that Lamborghini could reduce the displacement of its next-generation V12. Reggiani didn’t dispute these claims, but did confirm the company’s belief that naturally aspirated engines are the best for its supercars, ruling out the possibility of successors to the Huracan and Aventador using forced induction like the Urus SUV.
“Many of our competitors moved in the direction of a V8 turbo and we decided that natural aspirated is still the best interpretation of the brand’s super sport cars,” he said.
It remains unclear what kind of hybrid powertrain Lamborghini could employ in the Aventador’s successor. It may design a system where the ICE sends power exclusively to the rear wheels while electric motor(s) take care of the front axle. Reggiani didn’t say if this will be the case, simply stating they are indeed investigating a number of hybrid solutions.

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