Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gooding takes up the "Big Chair" in "Life of A King"

Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr ("Jerry Maguire")  has now embarked on a project certain to capture the attention of chess aficionados. A movie called “Life of a King” will recall such chess-oriented features as “Fresh”, “Searching for Bobby Fischer” and the latest chess film, “Brooklyn Castle“. If you look closely, you can even see twists from “Boyz in the Hood”.
It profiles an ex-con  who gets a second-shot at life after 20 years in prison. Unexpectedly, he turns out to be a pillar in the lives of young men struggling between choices of high-crime and living a principled life. He shows young toughs a way
out through the game of chess.
Like many of the other titles mentioned, this film is based on a true story, that of Big Chair Chess Club” founder and spearhead, Eugene Brown. Six years ago, he mentioned making a documentary on chess in the DC/Maryland area
jake Goldberger ("Homecoming") directs, and the feature is rated PG-13

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