Thursday, March 13, 2014

The "Voice" of Coming Attractions Goes to a Higher place: RIP Hal Douglas

He didn't walk the red carpet, and you probably didn't know his name, but Hal Douglas rubbed shoulders with the biggest stars on the planet, helping bring the vision of directors to audiences around the world, and made a lasting impact on the moviegoing experience. He was the iconic voice and narrator of movie trailers, and at the age of 89 he has sadly passed away.
"In a world..." may have become a cliche, but that's only because Douglas made it sound so good, and through thousands of promos, he excited, romanced and intrigued ticket buyers to line up the next weekend and come back to the cinema. One of the best in the business, Douglas' talent was in being both familiar and always compelling, and we'll have to get used to whoever comes along to fill his very big shoes, which worked for over four decades in the biz. 

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