Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sports: The Axe Swings and the "Fat Lady" warms up her throat

Its undoubtedly crunch time in the English Premier league, that point in the season when the race for the top and the race to escape bottom hits warp speed.

Its also the time when new media deals are finalized and, not coincidentally, when club managers deemed non-performers are sacked. Leceister's Nigel Pearson seems to have dodged for now (his, though bottom of the League,still have a shot at the FA Cup) but Villa's Paul Lambert did not. With back-to-back embarrasing losses, a local paper campaigning for his sacking and the huge spectre of no goals, it was all too much for Villa owner Randy Lerner, and the announcement came swiftly after the mid-week defeat to fellow-strugglers Hull (who have found a bit of wind in their sails at the moment).

At the top though, its a different story. The Chelsea juggernaut may have taken a few licks and scrapes (and dished out some on the field too) but with the win over admirable Everton, the Blues have virtually locked in the title. yes, we know its February but, quite simply, we don't expect this team to lose the number of games it would take for Man City or Man U to overhaul them.

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