Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kids' Books: A Rousing "Reggae Rescue' Reading Session

Singer.Author. Organizer. Parent. Enviro-activist. Motivator. Jana Bent checks all those boxes, and during her recent Saturday reading session at Bookophilia in the Kids section, she had moments to incorporate them all.

Using her popular Shaggy Parrot series of enviro-themed children's books, Bent led a colourful and vibrant read-along and sing-along that easily included several of the parents on hand as well as their young charges. Well- prepared with instruments and props, Bent encouraged the youngsters to play their part in preserving our shared natural heritage, even as they revelled in the adventures of the Shaggy character and his marine, riverain and land-based pals.

More recently, Bent, who also "squeezes in" a day job with regulator the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission, stated that she had reached an agreement with charitable organization the American Friends of Jamaica, to purchase a significant quantity of the books for distribution to schools across the island. Additionally, she's working on addressing another critical social issue through story-telling: violence against children/minors.

More to come on both those developments, but in the meantime, to recreate the magic of Shaggy, Swimpy, Edda and the rest of the cast, you can pick up the books at local stores, or visit for more info

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