Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jazz: Coltrane House in Philly falling apart?


The John Coltrane House has been in a state of neglect since 1984, when his first cousin, Mary Alexander, sold it, with the promise that it would stand as a tribute to the jazz icon.coltranehouse2
During the month of September, Philadelphia hosted a nine-day celebration in honor of Coltrane’s 90th birthday, organized by the Philadelphia Jazz Project, during which the several structural and aesthetic problems of the house were addressed. Nevertheless, Philadelphia Weekly recently reported that Homer Jackson, director of the Philadelphia Jazz Project, was not aware of any plans of restoration.
Philadelphia Weekly also stated the location of the John Coltrane House, largely ignored by commuters and others, as a reason for it being considered as one unworthy of major investment by the city’s preservation community. This would explain why plans of reusing the house as a jazz venue, unveiled in 2013, seem to also have fallen through.

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