Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Aspire to Inspire #2: Which Game Do you Play?

In his influential book Finite and Infinite Games, scholar James Carse distinguishes two basic 
ways of "playing" the game of life:
1) As a finite game (which could be called a game ofscarcity);
2) As an infinite game (which is basically a game ofabundance).
In simple terms:
[+] A finite game is played for the mere purpose of winning - thus ending the game and leaving both a winner and a loser...
An infinite game is played for the purpose of continuingthe playing... and possibly bringing in more players to play with.
[+] Finite players often feel trapped within fixed rules and boundaries...
... whereas infinite players can play creatively WITH rules and boundaries.
[+] Finite players try to control the game and predict everything that will happen, which can make them (overly) serious high-strung...
On the other hand: infinite players are playful - they have a light-hearted and high-spirited disposition, and enjoy being surprised.
[+] A finite player plays to gain "power," in order to control both the game and the way others play...
An infinite player plays his own game with "strength"...asserting his own competence, while also allowing others to play as they wish.
[+] A finite player consumes time, and often feels like he's short on it...
An infinite player generates time, and always seems to have more than enough to do the things he desires.
And finally:
[+] The finite player aims to win eternal life...
... while the infinite player aims for eternal birth.
The finite game is reactive, and played from ascarcity mentality... while the infinite game is creative,and played from an abundance mentality.
So here's the big question:
What kind of player are you, Michael?
Are you a finite or an infinite player?
Truth is - we create and live our best lives as infiniteplayers:
[+] Infinite games open the door to a world of infinite delightpossibility and true freedom.
[+] And as infinite players, we truly act as our best self... no longer hrown off by stress, panic, or other imbalanced emotion.
So how can you become a true "infinite player?"
He's a #1 New York Times best-selling author who has come to see one single thing as our biggest obstacle to being able to play life as an "infinite player:"
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All the best and talk soon,
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