Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Aspiring to Inspire #1: What Colour Is Your Door?

Greetings Michael,

Here's a fun experiment with symbols.

Just imagine, if you went deep into the core inner recesses of your mind, that there's a door to another dimension.

Beyond this door, you'll find marvelous wonders that will surprise and delight you.

And all of this is reserved just for you.

No one else.

Now, sit back and relax as completely as you can.

If you wish, you can record the following script so you can follow along without having to read it.


Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to release all unnecessary tension and energy.

Just let it all go.

As you calmly and gently breath in and breath out, take a moment now to think of some small indulgence that makes you feel so very good.

Focus on this feeling of enjoyment.  Make it real.

Allow yourself to get lost in the feeling of pleasure as it cascades throughout your entire body and mind, rejuvenating every cell of your body as it takes you deeper into yourself.

As you drift deeper into yourself, maybe you see lights and colors and shapes.

Maybe you recall the good times of your life, as you travel through your deeper mind to get to the core of your own Divine Essence.

Just let everything that happens, both inside and outside, to take you deeper into yourself.

Pretty soon, you come to a door.

What color is your door?

What type of material is it made of?

Is it wood, metal, stone, glass, plastic, or some other material?

Is it painted, carved, embossed, or is it plain?

Is it solid, or does it have a window or other cutout?

What type of key unlocks this door?

Where is this door located?  Is it in a hallway, a basement, a cathedral, the outside of a building, or standing all by itself in the middle of a field?

Remember all this, because the nature of your door represents the condition of your inner self.

Now, before you open the door, know that beyond this door will be a scene that represents something vitally important to you right now.

You may see the realization of a dream you've always wanted, or maybe you'll see the solution to a problem that has been bugging you.

Maybe you'll meet someone who will give you information you need, or perhaps you'll have an opportunity to let loose and play like a child.

Whatever it is, it's something incredibly important to you.

And when you're done exploring the world beyond this door, feel free to bring yourself out of this experience back into the world of your everyday life.

But only when you're ready.

Okay, go ahead and open the door, and ENJOY!


As you might guess, the above is just a small sample of the recordings contained in the new Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package.

These recordings guide you to relax to the deepest levels within yourself, using both traditional and modern hypnotic principles, including the use of pleasure and indulgence to take you deeper.

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